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At Walker Spring, we have two different wheel balance procedures. 

The first is the fastest and most inexpensive, computer balancing.  With a computer balance, we remove the wheels from the vehicle and balance them individually on the computer.  So if a rotation is in order, it can be done free of charge. 

The second type is Spin Balancing and is absolutely the best!  This is more labor intensive which also translates into a more expensive procedure.  When you spin balance a wheel, tire, etc., we leave the wheels on the vehicle.  The vehicle is elevated and we spin the tire with a Hunter Wheel Spinner- 0 to 90 mph.  When we use this method, if the tire is not true, the hood, steering wheel, tire, etc., will begin to shimmy (shake).  When a spin balance is complete, the tire, wheel, rotor and any type caps or locks will all be correctly balanced.   We have been using a spin balance for years on 18 wheelers where we use pounds of weight instead of ounces.  This is a great procedure for the new 22"+ size wheels since most of them don't fit the computer. 

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